The Empress Film Festival ? together with Gage Roads Brewing returns to Thursday?s in July.

JULY 6TH | 13TH | 20TH | 27TH (FINAL)?



It?s time to make good on a long overdue promise ? The Empress Film festival is coming back.

The Empress Film Festival returns from an 18-month hiatus, this time with a few tweaks.

In its previous incarnation The Empress Film Festival ran on the first Tuesday of every month and had a six-month season. This time around its condensed to four Thursday?s in July: the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th.

The festival is exciting for budding and established artists because of its free form; there?s no theme, no restrictions on films entered elsewhere, and no entry fee. It really is just ?if you?ve got a film, we?ve got a place to show it.

There is one hard and fast rule, however; someone from the process filming has got to be present. The reason being we want to create a hub for filmmakers ? the goal is to have a place where you might meet your next sound tech, or your next cinematographer.

It?ll still be in our Beer Garden ? which was the genesis or the original idea, an alfresco independent cinema. The last film festival was held mostly throughout the summer months, with the last two falling in the beginning stages of winter. The winter stages were the most exciting and the most successful at creating the sort of community we were after. There was a real sense of collaboration.

This year it?s all happening smack bang in the middle of winter; we?ll have gas heaters and a retractable roof in play in case the rain comes in.




These are the details you need to know:?

  1. Prize: $500 cash courtesy of Gage Roads Brewing.
  2. There’s no entry fee
  3. There’s no entry requirements, other than it needs to be under (or nearly under) 15 minutes.
  4. It doesn’t matter if it’s been entered elsewhere before.
  5. Send entries to [email protected]